The Israeli Prison service ​

"For those of us sentenced to a life term, time is inexorable. We are challenged to draw vitality and meaning from our circumstances. Yoga has helped me to understand that it is in quietness and stillness that time becomes an ally not a foe. It is in stillness that I realize the things that are important and those things that really do not matter.”


The Israeli Prison Service is one of our major and long term partners. Yoga for All teachers teach at "Neve Tirza", "Rimonim", "Hasharon", "Ayalon", "Beer Sheva", "Shata", "Zalmon" and  "Maasiyahu" prisons with much success. Most inmates are themselves victims of complex, prolonged trauma in early childhood that may include abandonment; neglect; extreme poverty; and emotional, physical, and sexual violence. Yoga helps prisoners develop the ability to listen within and find strength and comfort, even within the harsh living conditions of prison and day-to-day challenges.

 Prison Yoga Project

The Yoga for All project is the Israeli branch of the international "Prison yoga Project" , which brings unique and sensitive trauma training to prisoners  for almost 20 years in hundreds of detention facilities in the US, Europe, India, and Mexico. For further reading about it, go to


The Liberation Project for Women in Prostitution

Women in prostitution are among the most vulnerable and marginalized in our society. Routinely exposed to extreme violence, physical and mental abuse, in many cases they are contending with homelessness, addictions, and post-traumatic stress disorder and many other challenges. The vast majority of women and girls in this environment come from homes characterized by trauma and abuse. For them, prostitution is a direct continuation (and reaffirmation) of the cycle of violence in which they were raised. Yoga can help alleviate severe, chronic physical pain suffered by most women, and also gives them, perhaps for the first time in their lives, the possibility of being with their bodies in a nonviolent space, listening to their deepest needs, and gradually learning to respond to them.

For more information about the Salit project, go to: 

Elem - Youth in Distress

ELEM- Youth in Distress was founded out of a sense of social responsibility for the fate of youth at-risk in Israel. Since its foundation until today, it has been have been at the forefront working for youth and raising awareness of their distress onto the social/national agenda. ELEM provides youth and young adults with unique programs that were developed in accordance with their needs and in full cooperation with local authorities, governmental ministries and third sector organizations. ELEM helps youths in all of Israel's communities, including the Haredi orthodox community and the Arab community.Yoga for All groups operate at ELEM'S centres in Tel Aviv and Eilat. 

Hut Hameshulash

Hut HaMeshulash answers the need of hopeless and homeless teens and young adults who have nowhere to go. It is the only organization in Israel to provide housing, emotional support and programming for a broad age range which includes post-18 year olds and pregnant women. Yoga for All collaborates with its Jerusalem branch. 

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