Yoga has been proven effective for dealing with stressful and distressing situations. Reducing stress and anxiety, helping to heal body and mind in post-trauma, building physical strength and flexibility, improving self-esteem and body image, וncreasing internal control, developing self-discipline, fostering compassion for oneself and others, and reducing violence are just some of the benefits yoga offers to its practitioners.

Yoga for All seeks to promote recognition of yoga as a first-rate rehabilitative therapeutic tool by the Health and Welfare Services in Israel, thereby exposing and bringing it closer to all those who can use it as a tool in their personal and social rehabilitation.


To make quality Yoga instruction accessible to the most disenfranchised and underserved populations in Israel

To give committed Yoga instructors the knowledge, sensitivity and practical tools to work with challenging populations as key agents for social change

Our work begins with finding the right partner: these are organizations and projects serving marginalized Israelis and communities in Israel who allow us to reach populations we would have difficulty reaching otherwise.  Once an organization becomes a Yoga for All partner, we match them up with a Yoga instructor who will serve as the designated teacher for the group they bring together. From that point, the yoga group will follow a format that includes:


  • Yoga classes once a week, lasting between one hour and an hour and a half

  • Regular conversations between instructors and students to supports students' yoga practice outside the weekly session

  • A four-day Retreat once a year, designed to allow people a special respite from daily life struggles and time to deepen training

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